A look back at 2006… (TV)

There has been many great TV shows this year, which it makes it incredibly difficult to narrow down a top 5. I’ve tried. I’ve tried very hard, but I just can’t do it!! So this is my top 10 TV shows this year:

  1. Stargate (SG1 and Atlantis) [Best Sci-Fi]
  2. Smallville
  3. Battlestar Galactica
  4. Veronica Mars [Best Drama]
  5. Torchwood [Best Newcomer]
  6. Kyle XY
  7. Prison Break
  8. Spooks
  9. Mythbusters [Best Reality]
  10. Life on Mars

Honorary Mentions: Heroes, Penn & Teller’s: Bullshit!, Pure Pwnage, Hak.5
Dishonorary Mention: Eureka

Wow… what a year! There are still shows that I havent listed that I’d really like to mention (but i wont *cough* Lost… *cough* Doctor Who… *cough*… excuse me). Anyway, where do I start?! At the top I guess!

1384342843-sg1-stargate-sg-1-9102331-1680-1050Stargate… what can I say – possibly THE greatest Sci-Fi franchise ever. It’s got the number one spot for a simple reason, its consistant entertainment between the two franchises. I didnt think it was fair to split them up and take up two spots, so I’ve grouped them, although I must say that it’s probably more Atlantis that’s clinched it this year. This is also SG1’s swan song in a way, since it will no longer be with us soon. All I can say is thanks for the last 10 years.

What a year it has been for Smallville. Spoliers: The Green Arrow?! Amazing! Hinting at the Justice League?! Awesome. If you’re in any way a comic book fan, or know even a little bit about DC comics classic hero, this is the best season yet and definately worth checking out!

Battlestar Galactica is without doubt one of the most refreshing shows on the tv at the moment. It still really is great TV. There is in fact only one reason that it doesnt have the top spot, and that is that it has set itself such a high standard that it found it difficult to live up to in one or two episodes this season. Plus the fact that the other two shows have had me more excited about them this year! Still, its an amazing show and if you arent watching it, you’re missing out!

veronica_mars_s2Veronica Mars is a new show to me this year, and I have to say, I love it. Its like the OC (which incidentally has gone massively downhill this year) mixed with Buffy, mixed with detective stuff and it works so well. Well worth a watch!

This year’s best newcomer Torchwood is a little bit of a surprise to even myself. The first ep had me thinking that they would be throwing in sex and swearing purely to shock Doctor Who audience which it was trying to capture. It has however turned out to be an excellent addition the the Doctor Who franchise, and one which in fact can hold its own. Bring on Season 2.

Kyle XY is an interesting one. A show aimed at the whole family which i found rather entertaining. I havent heard whether it’s back for a new season, but it better be, as I’m a bit on the edge of my seat!

Prison Break has been a bit of a rollercoaster this year. Last year’s winner, it has, on the whole, been great, although it has had a few ‘interesting’ episodes, and been a bit far fetched (to say the least) at times. Nevertheless, it is still an excellent show, and I cant wait to find out what happens. I do hope that they dont try and drag it into a third season however.

Spooks, another representation on the British tv front has again had an excellent season, with edge of your seat action. A new season is already in the works and I look forward to seeing it soon!

webphoto_mbI love shows that give random bits of information that make me look clever. Mythbusters does exactly this! Adam and Jamie are consistantly funny, informative, and its just a great fun show that solves random myths that you’d never wondered about until you see them on the show!

And finally (in the top 10), Life on Mars. A show from the very start of this year, it was a surprise hit with both Sci-Fi and non-Sci-Fi fans alike. A time travelling cop, or is he just in a coma, who knows. Either way its great TV!

Now just a few words on the honorary mentions. I’ve only seen two episodes of Heroes at the time of writing, but what i’ve seen so far I like. It really appeals to my superhero fandom, so well worth watching! Penn & Teller’s Bullshit is another great informative program, while being completely biased. I dont always agree with them, but they do it in such a good manner that I just love watching it! The following two shows aren’t really TV shows, but IPTV shows. Pure Pwnage is a comedy about pro-gamers, and if you havent watched it (you n00b) you really should! Hak .5 is a tech/geek show where they show you , surprisingly how to Hak and Mod things to do with computers. If you’re into that, check it out.

The dishonary mention goes to Eureka for making me think that it had the potential to be good, but never getting there. Thanks for the wasted hours.

And thats my TV run down of 2006… Phew!