Corsair Customer Service – there are good people in the world

I had a Corsair 1GB Flash Voyager USB drive, and had been using it for a few months. It has a keyring loop, so thats exactly what i used it for – putting it on the end of my keys. Anyway, after a month the cap got loose and i kept losing it (but luckily finding it again). This was annoying, but not the end of the world as the thing still worked. However, after having the keys hanging off it a few times, the usb connection started to get loose. Then eventually it snapped off…

Obviously this was a bit annoying, however you can pick up USB keys dirt cheap these days, so I wasnt too worried! But i thought i’d try and RMA it anyway. So i got an RMA number and sent it back by the cheapest post to the USA (which was about £1.20). A couple of weeks later I get a brand new sealed one back, delivered by UPS!

I’d half expected them to turn around and say it was physical damage, therefore my problem. So I just wanted to say thanks to Corsair – there still are some companies with good customer service in the world (yes, you should take note Bulldog!).