Good news everyone… Futurama is BACK!!!

According to TV Squad, Futurama is returning!

The moment every fan has been waiting for (apart from those who bought the ‘complete’ dvd boxset) is here! Futurama IS returning to TV!
I’ve loved Futurama since it was first released – in my opinion, its even better than the Simpsons. The gentle (and not so gentle) dig’s at popular Sci-Fi culture, along with typical Matt Groening humour and artwork was just too good to miss, and after seeing every episode available, I like many fans, long for more!

Well now we have to long no longer (quite a lot of longs there)…

Actually, we do. We have to wait until 2008. But then we’ll be getting at least 13 new episodes! Huzzah!
Oh, and FOX, “Bite My Shiny Metal Ass”…