Kurt Angle released from WWE

Yes, i’m in shock too. Kurt Angle has been released from the WWE.

Now, i don’t watch WWE a whole lot any more, although i did briefly follow ECW when it started again (although it was rubbish, so i’ve pretty much stopped), but it seemed to me that Kurt Angle was still a very big player.

This news comes as a bit of a surprise really, as when i did follow the WWE, Kurt was always one of my favorite wrestlers, whether face or heel, purely because he could carry a match with anyone. It was also nice to know that he genuinely had the abilities that were claimed since he had an Olympic Gold Medal.

I wish i knew more surrounding these ‘personal issues’, as from what i can see, Kurt has always give alot to the WWE, rushing through surgery just to get back to the ring and pulling in crowds when others couldn’t, and unless this is something very serious, i think its incredibly poor show on WWE’s part. No surprise there I guess…

I look forward to finding out more about this one.