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Good news everyone… Futurama is BACK!!!

According to TV Squad, Futurama is returning!

The moment every fan has been waiting for (apart from those who bought the ‘complete’ dvd boxset) is here! Futurama IS returning to TV!
I’ve loved Futurama since it was first released – in my opinion, its even better than the Simpsons. The gentle (and not so gentle) dig’s at popular Sci-Fi culture, along with typical Matt Groening humour and artwork was just too good to miss, and after seeing every episode available, I like many fans, long for more!

Well now we have to long no longer (quite a lot of longs there)…

Actually, we do. We have to wait until 2008. But then we’ll be getting at least 13 new episodes! Huzzah!
Oh, and FOX, “Bite My Shiny Metal Ass”…

A look back at 2006… (TV)

There has been many great TV shows this year, which it makes it incredibly difficult to narrow down a top 5. I’ve tried. I’ve tried very hard, but I just can’t do it!! So this is my top 10 TV shows this year:

  1. Stargate (SG1 and Atlantis) [Best Sci-Fi]
  2. Smallville
  3. Battlestar Galactica
  4. Veronica Mars [Best Drama]
  5. Torchwood [Best Newcomer]
  6. Kyle XY
  7. Prison Break
  8. Spooks
  9. Mythbusters [Best Reality]
  10. Life on Mars

Honorary Mentions: Heroes, Penn & Teller’s: Bullshit!, Pure Pwnage, Hak.5
Dishonorary Mention: Eureka

Wow… what a year! There are still shows that I havent listed that I’d really like to mention (but i wont *cough* Lost… *cough* Doctor Who… *cough*… excuse me). Anyway, where do I start?! At the top I guess!

1384342843-sg1-stargate-sg-1-9102331-1680-1050Stargate… what can I say – possibly THE greatest Sci-Fi franchise ever. It’s got the number one spot for a simple reason, its consistant entertainment between the two franchises. I didnt think it was fair to split them up and take up two spots, so I’ve grouped them, although I must say that it’s probably more Atlantis that’s clinched it this year. This is also SG1’s swan song in a way, since it will no longer be with us soon. All I can say is thanks for the last 10 years.

What a year it has been for Smallville. Spoliers: The Green Arrow?! Amazing! Hinting at the Justice League?! Awesome. If you’re in any way a comic book fan, or know even a little bit about DC comics classic hero, this is the best season yet and definately worth checking out!

Battlestar Galactica is without doubt one of the most refreshing shows on the tv at the moment. It still really is great TV. There is in fact only one reason that it doesnt have the top spot, and that is that it has set itself such a high standard that it found it difficult to live up to in one or two episodes this season. Plus the fact that the other two shows have had me more excited about them this year! Still, its an amazing show and if you arent watching it, you’re missing out!

veronica_mars_s2Veronica Mars is a new show to me this year, and I have to say, I love it. Its like the OC (which incidentally has gone massively downhill this year) mixed with Buffy, mixed with detective stuff and it works so well. Well worth a watch!

This year’s best newcomer Torchwood is a little bit of a surprise to even myself. The first ep had me thinking that they would be throwing in sex and swearing purely to shock Doctor Who audience which it was trying to capture. It has however turned out to be an excellent addition the the Doctor Who franchise, and one which in fact can hold its own. Bring on Season 2.

Kyle XY is an interesting one. A show aimed at the whole family which i found rather entertaining. I havent heard whether it’s back for a new season, but it better be, as I’m a bit on the edge of my seat!

Prison Break has been a bit of a rollercoaster this year. Last year’s winner, it has, on the whole, been great, although it has had a few ‘interesting’ episodes, and been a bit far fetched (to say the least) at times. Nevertheless, it is still an excellent show, and I cant wait to find out what happens. I do hope that they dont try and drag it into a third season however.

Spooks, another representation on the British tv front has again had an excellent season, with edge of your seat action. A new season is already in the works and I look forward to seeing it soon!

webphoto_mbI love shows that give random bits of information that make me look clever. Mythbusters does exactly this! Adam and Jamie are consistantly funny, informative, and its just a great fun show that solves random myths that you’d never wondered about until you see them on the show!

And finally (in the top 10), Life on Mars. A show from the very start of this year, it was a surprise hit with both Sci-Fi and non-Sci-Fi fans alike. A time travelling cop, or is he just in a coma, who knows. Either way its great TV!

Now just a few words on the honorary mentions. I’ve only seen two episodes of Heroes at the time of writing, but what i’ve seen so far I like. It really appeals to my superhero fandom, so well worth watching! Penn & Teller’s Bullshit is another great informative program, while being completely biased. I dont always agree with them, but they do it in such a good manner that I just love watching it! The following two shows aren’t really TV shows, but IPTV shows. Pure Pwnage is a comedy about pro-gamers, and if you havent watched it (you n00b) you really should! Hak .5 is a tech/geek show where they show you , surprisingly how to Hak and Mod things to do with computers. If you’re into that, check it out.

The dishonary mention goes to Eureka for making me think that it had the potential to be good, but never getting there. Thanks for the wasted hours.

And thats my TV run down of 2006… Phew!

It’s time for a TV revolution…

Ok, so I may have been exaggerating a little with the title, but it’s certainly a new dawn in searching for that show you want to watch! You may have read my previous post about LocateTV, and if you want to know more about what LocateTV is, you should check it out.

At the time of writing that post, LocateTV was in closed beta, but luckily for all of my readers, a new dawn has arrived, and LocateTV is going into public beta from tomorrow! You should definately all give it a try! And then you can do cool stuff like this:

UFC Forming UK Division

According to UFCJunkie, the UFC have recently put the cogs in motion to form a UK division!

For a UFC fan living in the UK, this is great news, since we may finally be able to see some of the fighters we love, under a strong brand come over here and showcase some of the best MMA in the world. It will also give the sport the push that it needs in the UK for it to become mainstream and more accepted.

There are still alot of people in the UK (much like the rest of the world) that think of the UFC as a ‘bloodsport’, and whenever I mention it to people, they are almost horrified that I watch it. I then have to explain that it really isnt as bad as they imagine! Anyway, when the UFC come over here, the inevitable media hype (be it good or bad) will at least push it more into the spotlight, gain more fans, and hopefully mean less explaining for me!

Bring on April 20th 🙂 Who’s up for seeing it live?!

LocateTV – a revolution in Online TV Searching?

Through a random series of events unfolding (thanks John), and a few e-mails being sent, I last night attended the launch of the pivate beta of a new website – LocateTV.

In their own words: “The idea behind LocateTV is simple – to let you find TV shows available where you live in the world, be they on broadcast TV, online or on recorded media (DVD, HD-DVD etc).”

The project is still in the beta stages – and rightly so – there are still a large number of bugs, but the basic concept is definately an interesting one, and one that I personally feel has a lot of potential. With the release of the BBC iPlayer (for better or worse), 4onDemand and various other online TV watching choices, it is soon going to be common place for people to go online to watch their favorite (or not so favorite) TV shows. With so many services all pumping this stuff onto the net, how are you going to know where to look for it? Maybe it isnt on the net yet, but is going to be on Freeview in 2 days time? The idea behind LocateTV is to group all of this together in one easy to search location. And for the most part, it works. In addition, if the show you are looking for is not on TV any time soon, it’ll allow you to price check the best DVD prices.

It’s not exhaustive at the moment (I couldnt find The Tomorrow People on there) – but it’s not finished. In addition, the search needs a bit of work – searching for Angel gives me a lot of people named Angelica, but not the TV series I want, and sometimes you will get two versions of the same site – but these are all kinks that will be ironed out over time, and hopefully in time for the launch.

There is also an option to embed all this information on your own blog/forum/site using a standardised dynamic graphic, that will update to track your favorite show, actor or whatever. At the moment, this is a large clunky graphic, but I was told last night that there will be multiple options made available!

In my mind, once the kinks get ironed out, this will be an excellent resource that I will use almost daily (especially if the add RSS feeds, which are sadly lacking at the moment… nudge nudge…). At the moment, to get close to all the information that they are supplying I have to flick between a number of sites –, IMDB, Radio Times, and FindDVD, where as this will give me all this information (albeit to a lesser level of depth) under one roof.

In summary, I think it is a great idea, and once the kinks are straightened out, it will definately be a resource worth using. I’ll be using it over the coming months, and will post about any major developments that I feel are worth mentioning!

So, in the meantime, keep your eyes peeled, watch the blog, sign-up for the e-mail updates, and wait patiently – it should be worth it 🙂

2007: The Years Best (and worst) TV rundown

So another year comes to an end, another one begins, and we start the whole routine of the previous year all over again. It’s not pretty, but every year brings us plenty of TV to watch, music to listen to and Films to see. With the writers’ strike going on, who can say if next year is going to be the same, but this year was certainly entertaining.

And therefore, before further ado, I am going to present you with my picks from last year!

Best Show: Doctor Who


This was a tough one, but for me, Doctor Who had it’s best season yet this year. David Tennant just is the Doctor, and Martha Jones was the most interesting companion we’ve had to date. Some great episodes, some great guest appearances (Jon Simm anyone?!) and altogether very deserving of this year’s Best Show.

Runners Up: Battlestar Galactica (consistently excellent), Entourage (still one of the funniest dramas on TV), Psych (one that seems to miss many people’s radars, but is still an amazing comedy that deserves a mention), The Tudors (taking over from where Rome left off, an amazing show in a similar style that is definitely on a par with its spiritual predecessor), Who Wants to be a Millionaire (after x number of series, this is still the best quiz show on tv) – ok, the last one’s a joke…


Best Newcomer: Californication


Runners Up: Dirty Sexy Money (like The OC, but better, and for adults), Journeyman (but has hit an untimely end), Moonlight (some really bad acting combined with some really good acting, but for some reason this keeps me coming back week after week)


Best Comedy: Saxondale


Possibly the hardest category for me to judge, as I’ve been watching some past comedy this year too that can’t win it for this year – Arrested Development and Jeeves and Wooster to name two. I was never a fan of Alan Partridge, but Saxondale is just right on the button. Brilliant show.

Runners Up: Entourage (comedy or drama?! Who knows, who cares), Flight of the Conchords (musical genius), The IT Crowd (geeky, but brilliant – perfect)


Best Short Series: Oliver Twist 2007


A new category this year as there were two series that I really wanted to mention but didn’t fit in anywhere else. Oliver Twist was an adaptation that I was totally going to miss – we’ve all seen the story a million times, who needs another. But the BBC nailed it with this one – the kids were brilliant, and as always Timothy Spall was amazing as Fagin. Definitely one for the DVD boxsets collection.

Runner Up: Secret Diary of a Call Girl (never been a huge Billie Piper fan, but she was superb in this – hugely entertaining, porn for the masses!)


Best Factual: Human Weapon

It’s interesting, it’s factual, and it has martial arts – what more can you want. The history of all the modern martial arts, and them put to the test by two American Mixed Martial Artists. You learn the culture, you learn the techniques. Great factual TV.

Runners Up: Mythbusters (as usual, though it seems they’re clutching at straws a bit now), Jonathan Ross’s Japanorama (it’s entertaining and interesting – that’s what you want!), Top Gear (not sure this really fits in this category, but still excellent viewing!), QI (Stephen Fry is simply brilliant)


Most Improved: Robin Hood


I know, I know, what am I thinking?! For those that bothered to stick with this show, it was worthwhile. It doesn’t fit into the other categories since it still isn’t that good. But it is entertaining, and brainless. If you want some Saturday night swashbuckling Robin Hood style, and if you turn off your reality filter, Robin Hood does stand up on its own, and it’s enjoyable. And the second season was much better than the first…

Runners Up: Lost (I still thought that this season was the best so far. I wish they’d hurry up and end it still, but it did grip me far more than the last season).


Get your act together: Heroes


This category is for those shows that really were good but need to buck their ideas up. Heroes was still great, but lacked the magic that the first season had. They have apparently realised this and will be sorting it out, so here are my fingers crossed for the New Year…

Runners Up: Spooks (most people seemed to love this season. I didn’t. Go back to the old formula – it worked), Stargate Atlantis (I still tune in, but it isn’t a patch on SG1. Please get it right)


And finally…

Most Disappointing: Bionic Woman

I thought this had a lot of promise. I was wrong. Simply awful TV. Switch Off.

Runners Up: Dexter (still an amazing show, but after one of the best first seasons I’ve ever seen, how could season two really live up to my hype), Bones (still dragging out the love interest. Still love the show, but sort it out!)