Spiderman – Back in Black!?!

A new publicity shot for Spider-man 3 has been released today. As you can see, it shows our beloved hero in a BLACK costume! Or is it…

Everywhere I look, people are raving on about how this could be the introduction on Venom – one of Spidey’s best known villians, however, i’m a bit more dubious. I personally think that this is a publicity stunt.

Firstly, if you look at the picture, the outfit could well be blue and red as standard, just with dark lighting. This would help to convey that this film is going to be dark, perhaps with the death of one of Peter’s love interests?!

On top of this, Sam Raimi has always said that he has a dislike for the Venom character, and we already know that the Sandman is going to be in this film. In the previous two films, only one villian has been focussed on – why would they change the format, when it clearly works, for the third? And if you don’t like a character, you’re hardly gonna put them in a film are you…
Look at the picture for youselves – i’d be interested to hear what you think! 🙂 Either way, I’ll be looking forward to the film!

Good news everyone… Futurama is BACK!!!

According to TV Squad, Futurama is returning!

The moment every fan has been waiting for (apart from those who bought the ‘complete’ dvd boxset) is here! Futurama IS returning to TV!

I’ve loved Futurama since it was first released – in my opinion, its even better than the Simpsons. The gentle (and not so gentle) dig’s at popular Sci-Fi culture, along with typical Matt Groening humour and artwork was just too good to miss, and after seeing every episode available, I like many fans, long for more!

Well now we have to long no longer (quite a lot of longs there)…

Actually, we do. We have to wait until 2008. But then we’ll be getting at least 13 new episodes! Huzzah!
Oh, and FOX, “Bite My Shiny Metal Ass”…

Photos of my ‘toys’

When i was back home recently, i went to Ikea and bought a Detolf cabinet to display my recent purchases of toys and busts. Afterall, what would be the point in buying them if they werent going to be on display?!

Now, i know many of you reading this will not appreciate the beauty of these items, however its an addiction that i cannot cure (and actually quite like). A bit like cocaine… but cheaper and less harmful to my body…
Anyway, onto the photos 🙂 This is not my whole collection, rather a selection of the ones that are still at home (i have some on display up here in Nottingham too). Enjoy 😀

Monopoly ditches the cash…

Well, I honestly dont believe it.
Those of you who know me may (or may not) know that I own a number of varying monopoly boards, and sort of collect them. Well, the day has come where Monopoly is changing. Yes, it’s ditching the cash, the ability to cheat, and half the fun of being the banker and moving to the digital age. Monopoly will now be played with credit cards. I personally believe this is a bad move. Afterall, do people not play board games to get away from the digital world? This is just making board games move a step closer to computer games.

While that may seem sensible to board game manufacturers, i genuinely think they target totally different audiences, and trying to cross the two is not the way forward.

Show me the money!

The Time Traveller’s Wife (Audrey Niffenegger)

I finished reading this book the other day, and wanted to say what a good read it was.The premise of a librarian (Henry) who has known an art student (Clare) since she was six and he was thirty-six, yet married when Clare was twenty-two and he was thirty could initially come across to you in two ways: to the non sci-fi fan, you’d probably think, “hmmm…not my cup of tea”, and to the seasoned sci-fi fan, you’d probably think “not another bloody time travelling book!”.

But neither of those opinions would be correct. Henry is diagnosed with the first case of Chrono-Displacement Disorder, which means that periodically, with no control, he is shifted around in time. He regularally meets Clare in these jumps, but often finds himself in much less favorable situations. The story is told from both Clare and Henry’s point of view, and while you may think that this could be hard to follow, it somehow just works, and you always know what is going on – a lot of planning has gone into this book!
At the core, this is a story of love, true love, and how it can surpass all boundaries – even time. However, there is much more that goes on around the outer layers as we learn about how their close friends feel about all this, the complications of time-travelling, and the problems of trying to have children who inherit the time travelling gene before they have even left the womb! There are some genuinely tear jerking moments in this story, along with some points when you just cant help but laugh out loud.

I wouldnt really put this into the Sci-fi genre – it’s a love story that happens to revolve around a couple, one of whom time travels. This is a book that anyone can read, and read it they should!



Superstitions and omens casino players

I do not believe in the signs of a man trying to get around the place where the black cat ran. Or, if you have to go back home, showing tongue in the mirror that has a smooth road. But you never know what other superstitions exist in the world.

Naturally, most of all believe in omens those whose successful activities involve capricious fortune. It may be traders, fishermen, hunters and, of course, the players.

Who has ever been to a casino, he knows what a delight to feel that Lady Luck is behind you and delights you. Even money is not so important. In the first place there is the excitement and fun of the game. Therefore, it does everything possible to attract the fickle Madame.

You have come to play

Before going to the casino, or sitting behind the monitor (if the game goes online), many wearing red clothes. Optional stitching itself red suit or dress, it will be enough and underwear.
Each player has his good days, in which he plays. This may be a day or a week number. Few dare to play on Friday the 13th.
A player will never look in the mirror before the game. It is believed that it can flush out Luck.
Of course, it remains in force and a sign with a black cat ran across the road.
Men are trying to take the game a charming companion. And the eye-pleasing, and winning is guaranteed.

Good luck in the game

Everyone knows that there are happy and unhappy place. If cleared a chair after a particularly lucky player, you need to take his name.
Changing places, it is necessary to move clockwise.
To place became successful, the seat is placed a handkerchief.
An empty wine glass in front of a player does not bode well.

Signs to play online

Many people spend the evening enjoying sitting in front of a computer, by going to the online casino. Here, as in real life, too, has its own signs.

Clothing red.
Absolutely nothing to attend to the social networking game. It is believed that it repels luck.
Include your computer is always recommended his left hand.
And, of course, like when you visit a real gambling establishments and casinos in the virtual space, there are a variety of charms and amulets, which the player puts in his pocket, he puts on or puts on the table. They can be very different from the charmed coins up exotic images of the deity.

Interestingly, many of the players are convinced that all of these signs are. The man really starts to win. The process of the game turns into a real pleasure. The sense of fun, which is now favorable to you.

If you have never played in a casino – be sure to try. You will surely enjoy! Especially in order to do this, now I do not even have to leave the house. But online games are quite varied, to choose exactly what you like.

Causes of casino games


In gambling people began to play a thousand years ago. Bones and simple game similar to modern backgammon appeared a long time ago. Then it becomes very popular card. In the European Middle Ages, even played chess for money, which is why the Church even tried several times to ban the game. At first, people were playing either at home or gathered in a variety of taverns and pubs, known as gambling in their castles and estates. But over time, any casino created especially for fans to challenge luck.

Why do people play casino? Perhaps the answer to this question is known to people versed in psychology. In a nutshell, the win at the casino – it’s an opportunity to have fun, and a chance to earn good money. But is it really possible to win the owners of the gambling house or a special site dedicated to gambling?

Obviously, the casino is not profitable to play at a loss. But professional players all the time trying to find some patterns in the gameplay or apply some other methods and abilities that allow them to increase their chances. Therefore, if your players lose weight, one taken separately player could beat the casino. After all, conventional casinos have started to create entire database on people who are too often win. For such people, a casino game is now – banned. It’s hard to say what is the cause of their extraordinary luck. The law, they, like, do not break. But if you allow them to play on, many casinos will be ruined. However, looking at these lucky ones, a lot of players around the world, too, think that they have a chance to stay in the win. It is possible that among them will be really few people who smile Fortuna.

The benefits of virtual casino



More and more people today are interested in the theme of virtual gambling – we can say that this sphere:

• It is becoming more and more popular;

• acquired a huge following.

Of course, amateurs, that is novices might be interested in questions relating to the differences between playing in the real and virtual casino gambling. In essence, there was no significant difference. However, many professionals insist that the benefits of still greater in online casinos as a more modern method. At least, one can not dispute the existence of unconditional benefits and advantages available to this game.

Traditional as well as online casino can be eaten by several common features – in particular, we are talking about the feeling of pleasure that can be obtained from the game. Of course, this passion, which can be exciting and undefeated. People like to feel your own luck, and besides – many of them are starting to engage in virtual gambling in an effort to earn a decent finances. You agree that additional funds can be quite useful. In addition, many people are beginning to engage in gambling as a supplementary earnings, and subsequently make their main income.

Decent wages

It’s no secret that people want to earn money, using less effort and get more money. Naturally, it is entirely without effort does not work – at least, should learn the basics of a particular game of chance, and this has needed some effort.

Among other things, we should not forget that gambling allow interesting to spend time, it is our partner, and this is also important. Often people suffer the way to kill free time – here they get a chance to see him, and exciting, and useful at the same time.

There are many games and slots, capable not just of interest to the players, but to become a favorite pastime, to which people are willing to devote many hours and even days. The possibility while still making money and not go out of your own home (except to withdraw cash) – if it concerns online casino – is indispensable and makes such gambling even more favorite among the players. No wonder that the total number of players in recent years has increased significantly and continues to increase.

Gambling atmosphere

Many people are used to the same slot machines, which were subsequently banned by law, and in virtual casinos are able enough to get all the pleasure of gambling, which they had previously enjoyed. It turns out that the online casino is able to transfer as much as possible the atmosphere, similar to that felt by people in a real casino and similar gaming establishments. The number of slots is much larger and more diverse – indeed, anywhere else such a variety of slot machines do not come across as the online casino. Experts also say that the chances to win in this case, too, it turns out to be more.

However, and the loss in gambling should not turn around mental failure: there is everything, and even the experienced and professional players from time to time to lose. It should accept it as an inevitable event. It is only necessary to develop a strategy game, try to minimize the risks and possible losses in case of loss, and in any case do not give up, do not give up.

All skills are acquired over time and do not come at once and can not be obtained from birth. Even game strategy differs special personality and produced on the basis of personal experience.

Online Casino


From the appearance of the first card, the first roulette, casino, like a magnet attracts people. Young, old, wealthy and not – each of us gambled at least once in life.

After the game in the casino gives you what no one can give any kind of vacation – a real drive, real intensity of emotions. And so the casino
playing not only for the sake of winning, so much for the pleasure.

It is impossible to convey the feeling that one experiences playing in the casino, even on the Internet. Each cell is tense, adrenaline just rolls over and this indescribable feeling of excitement when you know exactly – this is now even bet – and win. You feel, at least, a favorite of Fortune. And even if you lose today, tomorrow for sure are lucky. And even if you lose, the indescribable feeling stays with you forever, and you want to experience it again. And when luck – here and say nothing. Winning at the casino – no moment in life, more exciting than this. Especially if you got this win almost immediately, after a few bets. Stormy waves of emotion, excitement, a sense of omnipotence just run up to the head. No, only one thing in life can give it all – game. Mountain climbing, hunting, diving, race, safari – all this baby talk compared to the real, serious game.

What is the casino? This is a fun game. This is an incredible mixture of risk, passion, drive. It is a world that is ready to be revealed to everyone, is wanted. No matter you are sitting in a chair with green baize table, or at home in front of a computer. You – one of the favorites, you can do anything, you are subject to time, money, case, fate itself.
Game. It is not for nothing that attracted mankind since ancient times. These players will say – it’s not about the money. The point in the game.

Vera&John Casino

Vera-John-Casino_1“The search ended. You found Vera & John ». We are confident that many gamblers, discover a young institution, it will be that way, because the casino makes proposals that are not very often found in online gambling.


Vera & John Casino is owned Dumarca Gaming Limited, registered in Malta. Casino operates under license from the Office of the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta. Legal address of the company and information about the license issued in November 2012, are available on the site.
Vera & John Casino software uses several well-known manufacturers of software: Net Entertainment, BetSoft Gaming, IGT, Play’N GO, Plain Gaming. Play at the casino can be directly in the browser window, as all games are run in the flash mode.
We also have a casino version of the game on mobile devices.
Data on cooperation Vera & John Casino with independent audit firms do not have.
Casino is translated into English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese and several other languages.

Casino Games

At Vera & John Casino presented a really wide selection of great gambling from different manufacturers. First of all, you will find here a lot of very bright and incredibly exciting video slots. The range of table and card games is impressive. There are a couple of dozens of video poker, scratch cards, games and entertainment models with progressive jackpots. New customers Vera & John Casino offers a 100% bonus of up to one hundred dollars (or other currency).


Support service

The staff customer service Vera & John Casino can be contacted by phone, email or directly online chat. Try to find answers to your questions in the FAQ. It covers all the main points.


The main advantage of Vera & John Casino Gambling great choice of manufacturers that produce really colorful and interesting patterns. Loyalty program is impressive. In general, Vera & John Casino can become a favorite institution.